“…The Magic Bus on a journey in uncharted territory…”

“Σε Άγνωστα Νερά” (aka uncharted territory) is The Magic Bus’ new release! The EP will be available on every music platform, starting with the band’s Bandcamp and YouTube pages as of 14/1 and everyone is invited to join the ride! It consists of four songs that combine an eclectic puzzle of music genres, distilled through the band’s rock prism. Half original compositions, half cover versions of prominent greek songs, it surely is a journey in… “Uncharted Territory”!

Track List & Info:

Γιαρέμ Γιαρέμ (cover)

Music: Giorgos Chatzinasios

Lyrics: Nikos Gatsos

Γιαρέμ Γιαρέμ (Yarem Yarem or Giarem Giarem) is most likely a corruption of a Turkish word meaning ‘beloved’. This song’s lyrics are actually a poem and part of every poem’s charm is that it’s open to many interpretations! In the band’s mind it is an ode to the fragile but beautiful essence of love through time and hardship.

Βασιλική (cover)

Music: Nikos Ziogalas

Lyrics: traditional

Βασιλική (Vasiliki / a greek female name) is a greek traditional, folk song about a heartbroken girl that willingly and happily would rather drink poison than live without the one she loved.

Το Κάποτε Εγώ

Music: Ermis Soultanopoulos

Lyrics: Valantis Dafkos

Το Κάποτε Εγώ (To Kapote Ego / The Whilom Me) is a song about an artist’s inscape that travels through life’s tribulations following the beacon of love as a personal muse.

Καράβι Φάντασμα

Music: Ermis Soultanopoulos

Lyrics: Dimitris Panagodimos

Καράβι Φάντασμα (Karavi Fantasma / Ghost Ship) is a song adaptation of a poem about someone’s journey through life and its emotional experiences, just like a ship through tempest.

The Magic Bus:

Lead & backing vocals – Valantis Dafkos (also in ‘Redeye Caravan’, ‘peculiar three’, ‘Beyond this Earth’)

Guitars & backing vocals – Ermis Soultanopoulos (also in ‘Nox Die’)

Bass – Dina Argiriou (also in ‘Nox Die’)

Drums – Paris Gatsios (also in ‘peculiar three’, ‘Beyond this Earth’)


Recordings & Production – Locomotive Sound studio (Lamia, Greece)

Producer – Ektoras Sohos

Artwork, Logo & Layout – Sotiris Kotsonis

Band Photo – Tasos Palamidas


‘The Magic Bus’ started its journey through the Greek-speaking rock scene in 2017, based in the town of Livadia, but with members also in Katerini and Atalanti. Since then, it covered many miles and played live in many cities, sharing the stage with some of the domestic scene’s most prominent bands and artists, taking part in festivals and various music venues. In 2021 the Bus steered towards its first album recording, titled ‘Το Κάστρο’ (To Kastro / The Castle), full of rock essence, intriguing lyrics and dynamic compositions. In 2024 the EP ‘Σε Άγνωστα Νερά’ (Se Agnosta Nera / Uncharted Territory) marked the band’s return on discography.

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